We are a Czech company founded in 2019, up to par with European quality as we eagerly enter the global market. Our company has established extensive and stable connections throughout Europe providing the most comprehensive search and delivery solutions for our clients in need of the right industrial equipment within a wide range of enterprises.


In today’s modern world, industries are growing at a rapid pace, which leads to the constant development of new concepts and production technologies.
The quality of the equipment used throughout the production process is crucial to effectively implement and use these technologies.
Industrial equipment is in high demand, required by enterprises in the oil and gas, mining, light and energy sectors, food industries, communications, healthcare, housing and communal services, along with many others.
The choice of equipment available today is extremely wide so identifying the most appropriate unit can be complicated and confusing.

Equipment Trading S.R.O.

Our extensive search and selection of reliable equipment provide resourceful solutions to all our clients’ requirements. You can get all relevant information and specifications of each equipment within our reviews covering the most popular models.
We will safely deliver the equipment of your choice to any location in Europe.
Your comfort is our job.
We deliver goods to private individuals, as well as large regional distribution and manufacturing companies.

Our logistics department offers

  • Organizing cargo delivery implementing the most optimized transport and logistics strategies

  • Informative customer support throughout the entire process our services are rendered

  • Car transportation

  • Cargo transportation

  • Rail transportation inclusive of railway tariffs along the entire freight route

  • Container transportation

  • Sea cargo

  • Oversized cargo transportation

We are experts specializing in cargo transportation for petrochemical, engineering, defense, metallurgical, construction and agricultural enterprises.

Our technical capabilities allow us to carry out the transportation of all cargo without any restrictions.

We deliver goods exactly on time with all necessary supporting documents.

Choosing us as your logistics partner, you get:

  • Ability to optimize logistics costs due to our professional approach and wide experience in cargo delivery, efficient use of financial resources, as well as modern technologies implementation
  • Alternative options for your logistics solutions

  • An individual approach combined with high international service standards offering flexibility and efficiency at each stage of interaction with our clients

  • Full confidentiality regarding the information entrusted to us

  • A reliable partner developing and growing with you

Our credentials are expressed by the quality of our work and the comfort of our partners.

In practice, this means the clearest scheme of interaction with our company.

  • You provide a brief description of the equipment you need

  • We offer the most appropriate options that are available to cover your certain business needs, including full analysis and specifications of the equipment you choose

  • Upon your approval, we undertake all the tasks involved in transporting your equipment to the specified address

Equipment Trading S.R.O. — your partner in the field of industrial equipment search and delivery. Our experience and network allow us to give fast, reliable and efficient answers to your business needs.